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It's Always a Good Time

To Taste the Flavor of the Islands!

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Twenty-two years ago I had a vision of selling the freshest seafood with a caramelized onion sauce, on the beach with a Bahama Mama! I made that dream my reality and 22 years later my vision is still beachside. Over the years many have asked, “Dee, what’s in your sauce?” “Dee, what seasoning do you use?” “Dee, can we buy this pepper sauce?” Here it is folks! You can now order the hand made seasoning that I use at the Grill Pitt, our caramelized Onion Sauce and to top of the meal our Peppa Sauce! These can be used on ALL of your meats and seafood. Happy Shopping and Cooking! 

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Peppa Sauce
& Salt N' Peppa Combo
USD $18.00
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I ate here five years ago, and I thought that this was the best lobster I have ever had at that time. I finally got to come back today. I Rented a car for $60 for the sole purpose of getting this lobster. The staff were as friendly as I remembered, the view and atmosphere too. Just as important, the lobster was still number one by a long shot! I have tried to find a better one all through the Bahamas and in the States with no success. This place is fantastic! After lunch, don't miss out on mom's bakery adjacent to the restaurant. She is a lovely lady with great rum cake and a variety of fantastic baked goods.

Keith Weakley - Trip Advisor

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